JJ's Smoking Sessions: The Bee Gees



Bee Gees - Boogie Child
Bee Gees - You Stepped Into My Life
Candi Staton - Nights On Broadway
Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing (6MS edit)
Rufus & Chaka Khan - Jive Talkin'
Bee Gees - Night Fever
Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing (Todd Terje edit)
Melba Moore - You Stepped Into My Life
Samantha Sang - Emotion
Bee Gees - Love You Inside Out
Barbara Streisand - Guilty
Bee Gees - Children Of The World (intro)/Spirits Having Flown
Bee Gees - Wind Of Change (6MS edit)
Barbara Streisand - Never Give Up
Bee Gees - Stayin Alive (6MS edit)
Yvonne Elliman - Love Me

So "Over-Ground" they were "Under-Ground"

So wonderful listening to this again...

D.I.S.C.O Music & Song Writing at its FINEST

I'm still amazed that the music they wrote wasn't meant for Disco - it just happened ...

All Hail the Legends that were the Bee Gees

All Hail the Legend that is JJ...x

hello Maz yes sad news about

hello Maz
yes sad news about Robin :-(
the Bee Gees were great, full stop.

Excellent production, really

Excellent production, really enjoy these smoking sessions, keep up the good work :).

thanks! :)) JJ

thanks! :))

Kenny BG

Just wanted to applaud the inclusion of the Kenny Everett soundbites in your recent Bee Gee's mix. Massive-Chew-Sets possibly one of his funniest sketches.

Another great mix from you guys; once again i'm very impressed and really love what you're doing. I'm no Jacko fan but the acappella versions and fade outs were mind blowing on that one.

I know that interviews and therfore soundbites will be scarce (or the ones that do exist rubbish) but if you can produce a decent PRINCE mix - i'll doff my cap. I think its (over) due.

All the best and keep it up

Cheers J feedback always

Cheers J
feedback always appreciated :)
I'll definitely be doing a Prince mix soon.
Bob Marley up next.

Really nice mix,love the Bee

Really nice mix,love the Bee Gees,been checking out the site for over a year,only just registered,costing me a fortune in tracking down some of the vinyl i hear on the site.

Keep up the good work

thanks for the feedback

thanks for the feedback Age
glad you enjoyed the Bee Gees mix
spread the word mate :))