JJ's Smoking Sessions: Gil Scott Heron



A Sign Of The Ages
I Think I'll Call It Morning
Lady Day and John Coltrane
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Home Is Where The Hatred Is
The Bottle
Ain't No Such Thing As Superman
Angola Louisiana
Madison Avenue
Inner City Blues
Race Track In France
B Movie
It's Your World


Haven't been here for a while, looks like i've got some catching up to do. Thanks for the share guys. Excellent as always

cheers Ian

cheers Ian

my mums loft !!

hello mr jj...just got my hands on this work of art..."gil scott heron"...back in the day i bought all the tuneage from gil and the vinyl is still in my mums loft..."bridges".."secrets".."moving target"...the live double album which name escapes me...all quality and essential!!

as ever the edits of gils & co are just magical...well done jj..and THANKYOU !!

regards dean

cheers Dean glad you enjoyed

cheers Dean glad you enjoyed it mate. Gil is a legend. What other goodies you got up in that loft?

my mums loft !!!

hello mr jj....thanks for your reply.

yes the ol loft is full of the vinyl stuff mate....early "crusaders"...early george benson"....."joe thomas"..johnny hammond....etc etc my mum has promised to send it all out here to me soon !! in the banana boxes !!!

whats up next maestro ??? all the best dean

nice :) David Bowie special

nice :)
David Bowie special up next