36. Average White Band



High Flying Woman
If I Ever Lose This Heaven
Get It Up For Love
Love Your Life
The Price Of A Dream
I'm The One
She's A Dream
Going Home
A Love Of Your Own
A Star In The Ghetto
Stop The Rain
Digging Deeper
Would You Stay
Pick Up The Pieces

I've heard the story about

I've heard the story about JB socking it to them but only from members of AWB! - never from people in the Brown Entourage.

Anyway, back to the music ... only just downloaded it, not even spun the first track yet. No doubt another cracker from the Smoking Sessions Stable. These are, as everyone who is hooked up will tell you, some of the best darned downloads available.

Well done JJ

cheers Nigel, much obliged,

cheers Nigel, much obliged, lemme know what u think


thanks yet again jj for a fantstic piece of musical mixing....i think that the "awb" must be one of the most underrated bands ever in our music...all people seem to think is that they only produced "pick up the pieces" but when you search deeper you find some quality tuneage !!
"star in the ghetto".."she was a dream"...etc etc absolutely wicked and as ever the edits really make this one of your finest..in my book.

so thanks again jj for sharing your tuneage and your in depth knowledge of our music,all the best dean

nice one Deano, glad you

nice one Deano, glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for the feedback as ever mate.
yeah AWB really underrated - especially here in the UK - in terms of their soul stuff.

more then average

this really is more then average jj, great song choice,have'nt played their white album in years,but will tonight,
i did'nt know awb liked a bit of tata,& queen of my soul just brill, tell me if this is true,i'm sure i read somewhere once that james brown was less then complimentary about the boys funkyness, if he did, as great as he was,he was bonkers.

Cheers Ian, thought this

Cheers Ian, thought this would probably be a bit of you. I've never heard James Brown say that about them. Ironic if he did, because as you probably heard from the mix, they were the JBs biggest fans. And, yeah, Get It Up For Love... quality version