31. Earth Wind & Fire



EW&F - Burning Bush / Sunshine /
Runnin' (Hollywood mix)
Ramsey Lewis - Aufu Oodu
EW&F - Mom
Emotions - Blessed
Deniece Williams - Free
EW&F - Jupiter
Pockets - Come Go With Me
EW&F - Love Music
Emotions - Flowers
Ramsey Lewis - Whisper Zone
EW&F - On Your Face
Deniece Williams - Cos You Love Me Baby
EW&F - Turn It Into Something Good / And Life Goes On /
That's The Way Of The World

We are truly Blessed

Top effort here JJ...the sessions seem to have got even better as time as gone on. The superd Emotions track Blessed was a new one on me...and what an all-time belter Free is. Well worthy of inclusion.

Nice one Shed. Cheers for

Nice one Shed. Cheers for the feedback. Glad you're enjoying them. It's a Donny Hathaway special up next. Then Average White Band; then George Benson; then Minnie Riperton. All killers I hope! :))

Yeah, 'Blessed' is a brilliant track. That whole 'Rejoice' LP is fantastic.


earth wind & fire

the three elements of life!! yet another fantastic "smoker" mr jj
everybody out there can associate with all the usual tuneage from maurice and the boys but you have shown us the other quality side of ewf and there production skills....the music they did with denise williams and the emotions is just lovely stuff

also really loving the ramsey lewis track...wicked piano my friend!!

thanks again for sharing your tuneage and of course your musical knowledge...i call it "musical enlightment" (i think thats how you spell it!!)

all the very best and a very merry christmas to all of you at 6ms

from the susnshine state of espana


muchos gracias for the

muchos gracias for the feedback Deano as always. Always much appreciated mate. EWF were the bizniz, end of. There are two Ramsey Lewis tracks on there. I'll sort a playlist when i get a mo.


jj i can only echo the others, this is an exxellent comp
ps it's muchas

cheers Soulie :)

cheers Soulie :)