30. Chaka !



Live In Me*
I Was Made To Love Him
You Got The Love*
Some Love
We Got The Love (with George Benson)
Sweet Thing*
Pardon Me (You Remind Me Of A Friend)*
Life Is A Dance
I Know You I Live You
Do You Love What You Feel*
The Longer We Make Love (with Barry White)
My Funny Valentine
All Good (with De La Soul)
I'm Every Woman

(* with Rufus)

Better days...

Hi there JJ
Loving the themed mixes. One killer after another!!
Just listened to the old "better days mix" and been after the first tune for tiime.
Is this really the track? blackwell - boogie down mess around??

Cheers and keep 'em coming:)

cheers Montechristo glad

cheers Montechristo
glad you're enjoying them
yep.. Blackwell. Tune! :)

Good Times 3

If anyone wants "Live in Me" in glorious 320Kbps let me have your email and I'll send, it was on Good Times 3.
Great mix JJ, looks like I'll be downloading lots!

Beggars can't be choosers

Is it just me or is the first track, Live in Me, pretty much identical to Beggar & Co's Help Me Out? Did the Britfunk boys nick the tune? I think we should be told...
Superb stuff with the Chaka mix as with the Dan one previously. Many thanks.

cheers Shed :))

cheers Shed :))

chakas fame

dont know about begger & co but the riff in live in me, sounds like fame by david bowie whisch was released in 75, what do you think.
who used thet riff first the godfather or bowie.

John Lennon :))

John Lennon :))

your right

yeah i forgot that one.
when your right your right

ps cracking posts for chaka congrats jj,well done

just needed to amend my cock ups.

Live In Me

Hi shedload

Not sure about Beggar & Co nicking "Live In Me" - I can hear the similarities. "Live In Me" was actually written by Rod Temperton - we featured it on the ROD TEMPERTION SPECIAL we did earlier this year, give it a listen if you haven't heard it.

The Chaka tune came out in '79, "Somebody Help Me Out" came out in '81, so maybe they did get their inspiration from it.



Rod the Mod

I did indeed listen to - and download - your Rod Temperton special and very good it was too. That's where I first heard Live in Me - which seems very hard to find on MP3.

Wrath of Khan....

Just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying these sessions. Loved the Chaka , especially the Live in Me too, think I've got that on a Good Times compo somewhere, will have to go and find it...
Keep up the good work, am giving my non computer literate Bro some of your mixes for Christmas burnt with some nice labels etc. he's an soul boy who I took to the O2 last Sat to see Alex O'neal but we kicked off at home with your Luther (his idol) mix and some beer....and he just loved it.



nice one Matt, thats wicked

nice one Matt, thats wicked :))



thanks yet again for sharing your knowledge and tuneage with us all jj.......love the first track "live in me" a real lot but all the tracks are just fantastic...chakas version of "my funny valentine"....just beautiful.

well done mr jj....i really look forward every couple of weeks for your new "smoker" !!

all the best dean

nice one Dean, yeah Live In

nice one Dean, yeah Live In Me is a killer
glad you enjoyed it mate
thanks as always for the feedback, much appreciated

she could give me a bed bath anytime

what a good compelation of traks & commentary, good to hear tracks outside the usual chaka khan chaka khan et etc (hope you know what i mean) if she had become a nurse she could give me a bed bath any time.
jj for a future session what about the works or reworks of walter gibbons or one of my personal greats eugene record.
keep um coming jj.

I know exactly what you mean

I know exactly what you mean Soulie, i hate all that feel for you nonsense... i was gonna throw a bottle i was gonna chucka can, chucka, chucka can..etc

i think my compatriots - Andrew and DC - will probably do a Walter Gibbons special on the radio . i can feel the vibes :)

yeah eugene might be a goer, but E.W.F up next, their own tunes and some of the productions they did for the likes of the Pockets, Emotions, Ramsey Lewis, Deniece Williams etc


heaven only knows

poss eugene what an overdose of joy ( get it), pockets brill, again one of my favs,heaven only knows(like the pun) why they never made it it large, & catch me,just great tuneage.
3am spain time just played try my side of love by the chilites it's pure magic.

cheers Soulie actually the

cheers Soulie
actually the EWF mix is already done and dusted... and no Heaven Only Knows or Catch Me i'm afraid but i'll be doing a part 2 EWF at some point in the future and will def try and include some more Pockets stuff (i love In The Pocket aswell)