26. Roy Ayers



Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson - No Deposit, No Return
Roy Ayers - 2000 Black
Roy Ayers - Searching
Ladies of the Eighties - Turned On To You
Roy Ayers - Wee Bit
Terri Wells - Who's That Stranger
Ubiquity - Midnight After Dark
Roy Ayers - Ain't No Sunshine
Rick Holmes - Remember To Remember
Roy Ayers - Hummin'
Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away
Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson - For Real
Sylvia Striplin - Give Me Your Love
Roy Ayers - Chicago
Ladies of the Eighties - Tell Him
Roy Ayers - I Wanna Touch You Baby
Ethel Beatty - Your Love
Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

hello mr soulie !!!

i cant believe there are two of us soul kinda people over here!!!

i live in las chismosas which is near playa flamenca orihuela costa....been over here full time for a 5 stretch now....love the sun....and love me music

jj is a genius and a right lovely geezer.

if you like you can email me on deanfreeman1@yahoo.co.uk

look forward to hearing from mr soulie

the vibesman cometh

here we go again mr jj yet another top drawer piece of work...fantastic tuneage...some i know,some i dont but all just wicked tracks.

the edits of roy & co as ever pull it all together...love the one about lionel hampton giving roy his vibe mallets...lovely story.

well done yet again john and thankyou for sharing your tuneage and knowledge

regards from the sunshine state of espana

the deano

p.s. wow now there are two of us "soul loving" people over here in sunny spain...greetings "soulie"

cheers Deano and i see

cheers Deano

and i see you've found a new amigo!


Roy The Boy

sunday morning 9.30 in the am,sun shining, (again) & just started listening to Roy the Boy, have'nt finished listening to it yet, but had to let you know what i have heard so far is very very good,well done jj.
Been going to a thursday night jazz club in murcia (spain) & i've been telling them all about you chaps (hate the word *guys*)at sms so you've probably got a few more listeners

cheers Soulie amigos all

cheers Soulie

amigos all round :)


i know this a'int no forum but where you at dog (dean that is)(as the americans say),i ve been here in the alicante area for quite some
time.ask jj.