24. Luther



Luther - It's Good For The Soul
New York City Band - Got To Have Your Body
Quincy Jones - I'm Gonna Miss You In The Morning
Bionic Boogie - Hot Butterfly
Luther - Funky Music (Is A Part Of Me)
Mascara - It's Cool
Charme - Georgie Porgie
Luther Vandross - You're The Sweetest One / See Me /
Superstar (intro) / A House Is Not A Home / Since I Lost My
Baby / My Sensitivity
Change - Glow Of Love

"luther"...it made us cry!!

what can i say jj....yet another corker straight out of the top drawer...a couple of tracks that i have never heard but am so so glad that i have heard them now.

the edits of luther and all the others really pull it all together to make it very very special.....i know if the luther man could hear this one...he would be very proud indeed.

thanks again for all this lovely tuneage that you share with us all.

regards from the sunshine state of espana


Cheers Deano yeah that patti

Cheers Deano
yeah that patti labelle bit... i was crying while putting it together! :)