23. Bobby



Soul Stirrers - Just Another Day
Bobby Womack - The Preacher (part 2) / I Wish It Would Rain
Boris Gardner - Breezin'
Bobby Womack - Nobody Wants You (When You're Down & Out)
Vicky Anderson & Bobby Byrd - (You're Welcome) Stop On By
Bobby Womack - Communication
Sophisticated Ladies - Check It Out
Kokomo - I Can't Understand It
Bobby Womack - Daylight
Loleatta Holloway - Short End Of The Stick
Bobby Womack - Lay Your Lovin' On Me
Bobby Womack & Patti Labelle - Through The Eyes Of A Child
Bobby Womack - Secrets / Tell Me Why
Wilton Felder - Inherit The Wind
Bobby Womack - Games / Surprise Surprise (accoustic version)

"bobby" absolute coker!!!!

yet again mr jj...pure magic mate...been waiting for this oneand i know mr w himself would be very very proud of this little gem.

all the best to you jj

from the sunshine state of espana


Deano my man... prophetic

Deano my man... prophetic words in your post above (or is it below) about Bobby liking this. He got to hear it thanks to our friend Marco Le Taxi. Here's an email from Graham who works at the Jazz Cafe...

"I gave your cd to Bobby Womack. A taxi driver stopped outside the Jazz Cafe and asked me to give it to Bobby if I got the chance. The next day Bobby was stuck for a lift back to his hotel so his road manager asked me to take him. Fortunately your cd was still in my player. He LOVED the Sam Cooke track ("Man, I'm in a trance when I hear this music") and then 'Lay your Loving on me' ...."Man, I ain't heard this tune in years" and he was tapping his leg singing along to this track in the passenger seat of my old Ford Focus as we drove up Camden High Street.!
A magic moment, accidental maybe, but Thank You to you guys at 6M steps for making it possible."

Schweet! :-)


nice one Deano. Grey here

nice one Deano. Grey here mate :(


....Wow...you Groovers have done it again....this is a real joy, a pure Masterpiece of the great man Bobby....im confident he'd be so very proud.....im now wondering who's next!!!!!....Phillis Hyman would be unbelieveable!! Thank you Groovers - Ian

Cheers Ian :) glad you

Cheers Ian :) glad you enjoyed it