Paul 'Trouble' Anderson - Kiss 100 FM - 8th Feb 1992

Id the tracks


sorry for not getting back - thanks for Don Carlos - sweet track - Marcus

Cool..thanks for sharing the

Cool..thanks for sharing the mp3..Paul rocks!

very nice site number one

very nice site number one topic. I agree! dug up some great memories listening to this mix. I have a load of these PTA shows recorded from about 95 to 97 if your interested Andrew


No problem, Andrew.

I'm sure the answer is out there. Knowing how up front Trouble was, it probably only had an officially release last week. Ha,ha!

Keep up the excellent work.

Track id

Like many others, I've got bags of tapes from pre and post legal Kiss. The only thing I regret is that I was a bit of a pause button freak, so haven't got many complete shows. Thanks for giving me the chance to put that right!

Now I've buttered you up(!)is there any chance you can help id a track on this mix? Trouble brings it into the mix around the 1.06.30 mark. It's an instrumental with sax over it. Given the flutes in the backgound it sounds like it could be an early Roger Sanchez thing. Any idea, guys?


Sax ID

Hi Red

Glad you're enjoying the shows. I've got some more sitting in the tape archives, so will dig them out and put some more shows up as soon as I get some time.

Had a quick listen to the mix again - can't help you with the ID sadly. Maybe one of the guys over on Faith can help?

Good luck!



Hey Andrew,,

wrong mix ... doh !

What's the opening tune to this mix please - anyone??

ta Marcus

the pervious question related toy your other trouble mix in April 92'



Track ID

Hello Marcus

The first track on this mix is "Alone" by Don Carlos. Funnily enough, it's very likely it's going to get a play on the forthcoming 6MS SESSIONS this weekend, so tune in!!


track listing

Hey Andrew,

really appreciate the mix - I loved trouble.

Can you help with the two tunes on before Cookie's Choose me - starting at 115.00 mins



More track ID's


The first one is Joey Negro - "Everybody" from the "Enter Your Fantasy" EP from 1992 - a nice bit of sampling of DC La Rue's "Cathedrals" in there.

The second one is another Joey Negro remix - I've been racking my brain, but can't remember.....sorry! If I remember, I'll stick it up here.


A great mix! Some real old

A great mix! Some real old house gems on there. It reminds me how good Kiss was in those days. Cheers.


Yes Stu - Trouble was (and still is) a legend. We've got more Trouble mix shows on their way in the coming weeks, so keep checking back.



I agree! dug up some great

I agree! dug up some great memories listening to this mix. I have a load of these PTA shows recorded from about 95 to 97 if your interested Andrew!?


Hi Kenfuse, Any chance you

Hi Kenfuse,

Any chance you could copy a few of those PTA tapes for me (i'll cover costs)
I used to get them sent up to scotland after every Friday nights show but stupidly chucked them when moving house years ago.


07879 496 276

hi Kenfuse... id love to get

hi Kenfuse...
id love to get some copies of yr PTA tapes from 95.. is this possible?

Still possible!

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for late reply!

Yes, no probs to share these mixes. Drop me a line


Trouble 95-97

Hi Kenfuse

Thanks for the offer. I might take you up on the offer in the future. For now, we've got plenty to be going on with. I've still got some more to go up in the course of the next few months, including a Trouble v Humphries show from June 1992.