10. Songs For Everyman



Archie Shepp - Song For Mozambique (intro)
Terry Callier - African Violet
New Rotary Connection - Song For Everyman
Andy Bey - Celestial Blues
New Rotary Connection - Love Has Fallen On Me
Gil Scott Heron - Lady Day & John Coltrane
FBI - Talkin 'Bout Love
Jon Lucien - Listen Love
Freda Payne - Mother Misery's Favourite Child
American Gypsy - Inside Out
Nina Simone - Baltimore
Terry Callier - If I Could Make You Change Your Mind
Stevie Wonder - Passtime Paradise/Have A Talk With God
Lamont Dozier - Going Back To My Roots
Jackson 5 - I Am Love

a song for everyman...lovely stuff!!

hello mr jj....absolutely wicked wicked stuff mi ol mate!!
some tunes i know...some i dont,absolutley lovely stuff

i really dont know how you do it.....very well done!!!

all the best deano

cheers Deano, glad you

cheers Deano, glad you enjoyed it mate