3. P-Funk



Clinton/Bootsy intro
Horny Horns - Between Two Sheets
Fuzzy Haskins - Which Way To A Disco
Funkadelic - Freak Of The Week
Sylvers - Don't Stop, Get Off
Gap Band - Shake
Parliament - Do That Stuff
Stargard - Back To The Funk
Parliament - Bop Gun
Parliament - Tear The Roof Off (intro)
P.Funk All-Stars - Hydraulic Pump
Parlet - Ridin' High
General Caine - Girls
Parlet - Pleasure Principal
Johnny Guitar Watson - Booty Ooty
Funkadelic - Knee Deep
Platinum Hook - Standing On The Verge
Vernon Burch - Get Up And Dance
Bootsy Collins - I'd Rather Be With You
Parliament 'Live' jingle

p-funk its smoking!!

oh i forgot.....have you got the tracklisting for the p-funk mix??

absolutely wicked stuff!!!!!

thanks dean

p-funk.....its smoking!!!!

hello again mr jj........just been thinking???? and i would like to say when are you going to be on the old "starpoint radio" again?? we really really miss you!!!!

and as marvin used to say "whats going on" ???

all the best


p funk

close your eyes & it's like being back in the day,pegs, pickers (for tkose who remember), & soul spins, A tracklist would be great,keep up the good work.

p funk mix its smoking!!!!!

what can i say another stonking mix jj!!!!

well done sir cant wait for the others

all the best