Philly Mix 4


Bunny Sigler - Come On & Dance Dance Dance
MFSB - Manhattan Skyline
Billy Paul - How Good Is Your Love
O'Jays - For The Love Of Money
MFSB - Is It Something I Said
Jean Carn - Love Don't Come Easy
Teddy Pendergrass - Set Me Free
O'Jays - Darlin, Darlin Baby
Teddy Pendergrass - If You Know Like I Know
O'Jays - Make A Joyful Noise (intro)
Jean Carn - Free Love
Lou Rawls - There Will Be Love
Archie Bell & The Drells - Glad You Could Make It
Dexter Wansell - Let Me Rock You
Archie Bell & The Drells - Tighten Up At The Disco
Teddy Pendergrass - Life Is A Circle
O'Jays - Paradise

The Anthony White LP "Could

The Anthony White LP "Could it be Magic" was released on PIR in 75 with all the Kenny Gamble / Leon Huff production and used to be quite a pricey album - I paid £30 for it back in 87 which was quite a bit of dough at the time. The LP contained a few fillers, the title track a passable cover of Barry Manilow's lounge room standard, plus three fantastic mid paced melodies - "Yes you need love, Never Let you get away and I'm so much in love with you.

The real killer was "Stop and think it over" a barnstorming, uptempo philly dancer which was massive on the emerging 'modern soul' scene of the mid 80s and at the early Up North weekenders at Berwick, Morecambe and Southport. Sadly, the LP didn't feature the "Hey Baby" track which was another of his nailed on dancefloor faces and which also used to fetch quite a few quid. I last saw the LP for around a score which, to me, was an absolute touch! Definately worth picking it up if you see it lying around .... unloved!!!

Hello Trimm,.. another

Hello Trimm,.. another anthony white fan eh? :)) I see "Yes You Need Love" got a CD release recently on "The Sunday Soul Selection" comp.

New Philly mix 5 is finished and will be up on the site very soon.


I'll look forward to it

I'll look forward to it JJ.

On the subject of Philadelphia, do you (or anyone else for that matter) know anything about a cover of "Ain't no stopping us now" that I heard by (I think) The Philadelphia Allstars?? Heard it a little while back but can't find anything else.

Philly Mix 4

Awesome mix full of wicked 'choons fellas. My compliments. Haven't been on your site long but I'm downloading loads of your mixes and they've given my iPod a massive boost. Keep up the good work.
Number 4 is the best of the Philly mixes yet I think. Got any Anthony White?

cheers for the comments

cheers for the comments shed

what anthony white tunes do you like? never been a big fan myself


Anthony White

Mainly Stop and Think It Over but also Where Would I Be Without You. Way back when, I had a huge nine-record collection called (I think) the Philadelphia Story with loadsa stuff on it including certainly the first White track I mention. Another goody from that collection I've never seen anywhere on CD or MP3 is My Favourite Person by the O'Jays - loved that.
The old box set is probably up in my loft somewhere.

yeah, know that box-set

yeah, know that box-set well.

My Fave Person will deffo be on philly mix 5, . We'll have another lsietn to Anthony White :))

great, great tune.

cheesr Shed, spread the word! :)

Anthony White

Quality LP and a great voice. As far as I know he only did one other record on Salsoul. Wonder what happend to him or if he was with any of the Philly groups? From memory I can't recall anything being said in the House on Fire Book which is essential reading.

Can't beat a bit of Philly, I love me Philly I do. None of it ever dates its gets better with age, just like John and Dave :o)


More Philly suggestions

Jerry Butler "lets make love" wonderful tune
Lou Rawls "Family Reunion", orig of Jill Scott but a wee bit cheesier
Billy Paul"East", Compared to what,
Jean Carn: bet your lucky stars"
Phylis hyman" breakin up"
Patti Labelle "When I'm I gonna find true love"
Futures" ain't no time fa nuthin", party time man.
Intruders" nice girl like you"
The Ojays" I want you here with me"
Dee Dee Sharp "what colour is love"
Harold Melvin" where are all my friends"

That will do for now, so may its harder to find bad tunes.