6MS Sessions: Andrew - 16th August 2014



Alicia Myers - You Get The Best From Me (Say, Say, Say)
Empress - Take A Risk
Radiance - You're My Number One
Slave - Watching You (Kon Remix)
Aurra - Baby Love
Sharon Redd - You Got My Love (Kevorkian Remix)
BB&Q - Dreamer
Aleem - Confusion (80s Child Rework)
Chaka Khan - This Is My Night
Fonzi Thornton - I'll Change My Game
Grace Jones - Williams Blood (Electric Dub)
Rainbow Team - Bite The Apple
Laurice Hudson - Feel My Love
Fantastic Aleems - Hooked On Your Love
UDM - To Please You
Level 42 - Starchild
Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
Crusaders - Sweet N Sour

A great pick-me-up for a Monday morning

Naples, FLA checking in while Andrew is bumpin' the funk, ya'll!!!! Love this mix. Got to work this morning (Monday) and streamed this one post haste! The BB&Q was an exceptional treat as well.

Actually, I really needed this as I am suffering from separation anxiety. Yesterday I sold my entire 12" single collection. Now, some DJ near Tampa, FLA is the proud owner of 2,000 12-inch singles. Very tough to do but I finally made the decision. Will probably need to listen to this mix a few times just to get my senses back after such a loss.


Hi Joe

Don't feel too bad about selling your 12"s - I'm sure someone will appreciate the music and it's gone to a good home! Glad you enjoyed the show - keep playing it loud! :)