100. The Temptations

Lookin forward to listen to

Lookin forward to listen to this.

Well done.

cheers Charles :-)

cheers Charles :-)

Quality Quality Quality.....

...Tracklist? xx

ta baby ... here you go

ta baby ... here you go ...
Temptations – You’ve Got My Soul On Fire
Temptations -Plastic Man
Temptations -Law Of The Land
David Ruffin – Blood Donors
Eddie Kendricks – Boogie Down
Damon Harris – Ride On
Temptations –Wake Up To Me
David Ruffin – Walk Away From Love
Eddie Kendricks – Body Talk
Temptations – Why Can’t You & Me Get Together
Damon Harris – Its Music
Temptations - Power
Temptations – Standing On The Top
Temptations –Just My Imagination
Ralph Myers ft Eddie Kendricks – Something New (edit)

Love me some Motown

Great work, JJ!

So glad you didn't go for the "usual Temps" tracks. Being originally from Detroit, Motown is so near and dear to my heart. You dug out some gems and definitely worked some magic on this one. It's one of your best. Listening to it for a second time already.

nice one JT, glad you

nice one JT,
glad you enjoyed and thanks as always for the nice feedback. But I'm a bit disappointed you haven't sent me photos of yourself playing pool with Eddie Kendricks or having a cup of coffee with David Ruffin :-)

David Ruffin

Actually, I did get to attend his funeral. It was surreal. Smokey, Stevie, Aretha, Berry Gordy, Esther Gordy Edwards - all of the big names in Detroit R&B history were there, but it certainly was not the time for, "Hey, can I take a pipcture with you." Fortunately, the GM at the station I was working at had been on the air for years (Martha Jean the Queen) and she knew everybody from that era. She was able to hook me up with attending the event. Long live the Temps!

great story JT .. Martha

great story JT .. Martha Jean The Queen!

Cheers JJ

The Golden Century

JJ -

Big up on reaching the Golden Century milestone - some truly wonderful mixes here - all sounding so good down here in the sunshine...

Looking forward to the next 100!


Cheers Das, glad you're

Cheers Das, glad you're still checking in!
hope you're well mate
I had a barbie in the hailstones yesterday :-) quality