Lost on The Metro



Spirit Catcher - Glide Explorer
Franck Roger - Night Story
Kerri Chandler & Monique Bingham - In The Morning
Franck Roger - Warriors
DJ Fudge - Mechouga
Liquid People - Son of Dragon
Dan Electro - I've Got That Feelin' (Franck Roger Remix)
Dennis Ferrer - Church Lady
DJ Oji & Una - We Live In The Sanctuary

Something slightly different from the 6MS boys - not your usual selection of disco goodies, but some quality deep house. Put together by Andrew, this 60 minute mix brings together some of our favourite house tunes - brand new music, and choice selections from the last few years.

keep up the good work

Love your track listings for jazz funk. They bring back some great memories. I will try and catch you on the net from here in sunny Thailand. Cant wait to start downloading some classics.

Lost on the Metro

First post for me too. Just wanted to check in and say hi from down under and a huge thanks to you guys for what you're doing here on your site. As a newly impoverished lover of fine music, discovering you guys has been for me a true godsend, confirmation that the universe gives us what we need at the time we need it. Right now I'm particularly enjoying this deep and mellow Metro vibe; it just oozes class. Also it's wonderful to be on a site where people know who Lalomie Washburn was, why Mica is a beautiful woman and where the definition of funky house is a place in Detroit called Hitsville, USA. Thanks again, you guys ... rock ... and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Lost on The Metro

First post and have downloaded a few for tomorrow's listening delight. How do you guys do it with this good a selection? Listened to the luther mix and ffs what a mix and am listeneing to this Lost On the Metro mix and what can i say "deeeliccios"

Thanks so Much from scotland

Cheers Scotch,Good to have

Cheers Scotch,

Good to have your feedback and welcome to 6MS.

The love of the music shines through everything we do and it's good to see others appreciate it.

We do a monthly house show on stomp radio featuring both new and older stuff so join us when you can on wwww.stompradio.com from 11am to 1pm (GMT) every Saturday.


lost on the metro

seems to be lost in the ether... I am not getting a download from this link...

Found On The Metro!

Hi zanzibob

Thanks for spotting the error - should be OK now!