6MS Live at East Village - 1st April 2012 - DC & Andrew, with Marie, and guests Lel Palfrey & Carina Ramos

Part 1: Marie (start to 1hr 6 mins) and DC (1hr 6 mins onwards).
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Part 2: Andrew (start to 1hr 5 mins), and Carina (1hr 5 mins onwards).
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Part 3: Lel (start to 1hr 30 mins), and Andrew (1hr 30 mins onwards).
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JF baby

Marie, I listened to your EV set ....very nice, laid back jazz funk vibe goin on, great selections. Lovely updated version of Windy City - never heard that before - who is that by? And nice to hear Logg's 'Dancing Into The Stars' near the end. Havent heard that played for a while, but it's a big fave. You set the tone for jazz funk on the day ...Just listened to the other sets .. Lel played some great jazz funk... Metropolis, Cameo, James Mason etc. Really enjoyed Carina's more 80s boogie/funk selection as well.. some brave mixing in there too Carina.
Great stuff all round. :-)

JF Baby for Sure...

JJ, it's so great knowing that you listen to our "sets"

As for my set, being the "Fluffer" I have to try and play it right from the start, and with “JF” it's easier as there's so much out there for me to play with

How BRILLIANT is the Windy City version!! It’s Rodney Franklin, from his self-titled Album “Rodney Franklin” 1980. When I heard it I knew I HAD TO play it at EV.

Lel and Carina were ON FIRE…there was such a fantastic atmosphere that day/night..even Andrew was dancing (something I’ve never seen before)

Thank you for listening JJ – means so much – we’re still hoping that you’ll make an appearance at one of these gigs..I’m gutted that I’ve never seen you play LIVE yet…there’s still time right? ;0)


It's all about Me Me Me

Thanks Marie. Rodney

Thanks Marie. Rodney Franklin. Nice one. One for the wants list.

I would've liked to have seen Andrew shaking his groove thing. I'm told he did that Status Quo dance, where you have your thumbs in your belt loops. :-)

I'll no doubt get back up to EV at some point. I did do the first couple of 6MS doos there, and, of course myself and Dave DJ'd there many times in the 90s ... In the good old days when you could smoke... and they had 2 bongo players next to the decks.... and they gave you free drink all night ... and paid your taxi fares there and back!... and gave you what we then called wages!! :-) Times have changed baby.