Al Kent Mix



Velvet Hammer - Party Hardy (Soozi 12")
Ross Carnegie & Co - F Minor Disco Pt1/2 (El-Con 45)
Frankie Gee - Date With The Rain (Claridge 45)
The Jones Family - Chains Of Love (Jen Jillus 45)
Bileo - You Can Win (Watts City 45)
Cheryl Berdell - Giving It All To You (Emt 45)
Chocolate City Connection - Take The Music To The Party (Re-Edit - Cosmic Rainbow 45)
Craig Snyder & Lix - Bust It (Midsong 12")
Natures Divine - Never Felt This Way Before (Infinity Album)
Glenn Dorsey & The Big J - Movin' On (Good 45)
The Sparkles - Trying To Get Over (Small Axe 45)
Omni - Disco Socks (Omni 12")

Exclusively mixed for Six Million Steps by Scottish disco supremo Al Kent.
Al's other work can be checked out at his excellent Million Dollar Disco website.


With ogench! Merry Christmas!

Playing in Brum again soon?

Hi Al I wondered when you were playing in Brum at BamBam again? I'm going dancing there tonight and just getting in the mood with your fine mix.I don't know any of these tracks but this is the sort of mid-tempo "bumping" disco I adore.Ta. Shuggie

Hi shuggie61 - good to know

Hi shuggie61 - good to know you've been enjoying Mr Kents fine mix. You'll probably have more luck in contacting Al on his own website:



the missing al kent

loved the mix,but also loved another mix Mr Kent did for his own site, million dollar etc,by the name of "al kent's newies" i've e-mailed him at the above but with no response regarding the track listing,if you see him please ash him to pass on or post one.
Six Million Steps is the best site about ,thank you for making available great music free, if you had to, or could buy some of these rerities would cost a fortune,keep up the great work.

the missing Al Kent

Hi Soulie

I can't remember any occassion where Al has posted up a tracklist for his mixes on MDD. It's best to check out the forum and see if any tracks are i.d. in a relevant thread. I'll have another listen to the mix soon and jot doen what i know for you.

the missing al kent