6MS Live at East Village - 4th December 2011 - DC & Andrew, with Marie, and guest Sean P

Part 1: Marie (start to 1hr 17 mins) and DC (1hr 17 mins onwards).
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Part 2: Andrew (entire set).
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Sadly the recording for Sean P's set crashed, so you'll just have to take our word for it that he was AWESOME! And Red Greg had to unfortunately postpone his appearance at short notice, but will be joining us in early 2012.


Great stuff Maz ... fits in

Great stuff Maz ... fits in very nicely with all the 6MS sessions.

Prefer this version of "Going up in smoke" as well

ATB (Reece)

Great Stuff...

....such a wonderful compliment Reece. Means I must be doing something right and means a lot that you listened too.
Now have to get prepped for my next one.



It's all about Me Me Me

Marie, I listened to your

I listened to your warm-up set and really enjoyed it.... great stuff , really well judged tuneage. I'm impressed! :-) You played a couple of lovely jazzy tunes which were new to me ... and I need them!! Playlist please baby.

JJ - Here you go....

....finally, my Setlist from EV x Be interesting to know which "tracks" you hadn't heard before, although I think it's only one and that'll be the Incognito track.

Thank you again for listening JJ - means A LOT. And it goes without saying, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to David and Andrew for letting me "warm-up" for Six Million Steps...still amazed that I'm doing it xx

Friends and Strangers - David Grustin
Snowflake - The Crusaders
Go Get It - Metropolis
The Round Table – Cameo
On the Road - Part 2 – Incognito
Sugar Loaf Mountain - George Duke
Free - James Mason
Biyo – Earth Wind & Fire
Phoenix - Aquarian Dream
Hunt Up Wind – Hiroshi Fukumura & Sadao Watanabe
Disco Discouraged – Sanctuary
Going Up In Smoke – Larry Hart
Bourgie Bourgie (Joe Claussell's Classic Remix) – Ashford & Simpson
Found A Cure – Ashford & Simpson
The Boss – Diana Ross
Eastside Connection - Over Please
Earth is the Place – Nathan Haines

Hello Marie, thanks for that

Hello Marie, thanks for that mate ....great stuff... I didnt know the Sanctuary and Larry Hart tracks. Nice to hear Biyo again... can't beat a bit of EWF.

We played the Incognito track (parts 1 and 2 off the album) on our radio show a few years ago when it came out... nice tune.

HAPPY XMASxxx talk to ya over t'internet on Chrimbo Eve :-)

You're not Joking are you??...


I'm so chuffed that you listened to my set. I always get amazing feedback from DC and Andrew, which is invaluable to me, BUT to get one from YOU is bloomin' brilliant and I'm now "blushing" and smiling like an idiot ;0)

So I played a couple of Jazzy numbers unknown to you? REALLY?

I'm in the process of putting the playlist together - will get it done by the end of the week and share it with you.

Thank you for listening JJ - means a lot.

Really looking forward to 6MS Sessions Christmas Eve "special" - DC, Andrew & JJ all in one studio, playing Vinyl for 2 hours. That's going to be an incredible show.


See you soon



ps:- You gotta have FREEDOM, you gotta have PEACE N' LOVE X

No mate, I'm not joking.

No mate, I'm not joking. Looking forward to the playlist.

got the U.F.E tune lined up for you this Saturday (just realised we haven't played it on the show yet) .. baa be da da da, be da da da :-))