6MS Live at East Village - 2nd October 2011 - DC, Andrew, Alan, with Marie, guests Carina Ramos, and Wayne & Jack Hemingway

Part 1: Marie (start to 57 mins) and Alan (57 mins onwards).
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Part 2: Carina Ramos (first 1hr 4 mins), and Andrew (1hr 4 mins onwards).
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Part 3: Wayne & Jack Hemingway (whole set - 2hrs 9 mins).
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Part 4: DC (first 1hr 11 mins), and Andrew (1hr 11 mins onwards).
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Carina Ramos Track ID

Great set from CR - the track that comes in around 53 mins is a bit of a monster - any ideas?

part 1


I discovered SMS a couple of weeks ago and.. I LOVE IT! This is really the groovy sound that i need after a very busy week. I've listened Part 1 of the Live sessions a couple of times and i wonder what the tracknames are. Keep up the good work!

DJ o.l.d. NL


Hi DJ o.l.d.

Welcome, and glad you're enjoying the music. Give us timings of any particular tracks, and we'll try and list them up for you.



Hi Andrew,

Can you please tell me what the tracks are in Part 1 at 7:45 (funky guitar riff that has been staying in my head since two days) and in Part 2 at 18:20 (sounds like Love Unlimited Orchestra featuring Donna Summer)?

DJ o.l.d.

DJ O.L.D - Help is at hand

Hey DJ O.L.D - how Old is Old??

The track you’re talking about is called “No Cross No Crown" by Gloister Williams and Master Control - LA Records - 1979. One of my all-time favourites.

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed my set. I'm in the process of putting the Track List together - will have that done by the end of the week.

Enjoy listening to the rest of the 6MS music collection - IT'S AMAZING. You won't listen to anything else.


Thanks Marie

Hi Marie,

I was born in the year The Beatles had 6 number 1 hits in the Billboard top 100. So I was 17 when Kleeer recorded "License To Dream". That was the first time I thought WOW WOW WOW, I LOVE that music. It became one of my favourites. I also like newer music but the last time I like to discover old disco & funk. That's why I'm so happy with websites like beatelectric and six million steps.

Looking forward to see your setlist (is the papapaya song, stella? an early EWF recording?)

DJ o.l.d.


The tune 'Stella' is by Norman Connors - should be relatively simple to track it down.