77. Disco Demolition - Part One



Crown Heights Affair - Music Is The World
BT Express - In Your Eyes
Mastermind - Hustle Bus Stop
Brass Construction - Ha Cha Cha
Graham Central Station - Entrow
LTG Exchange - Waterbed
Crystal Grass - Crystal World
Cameo - It's Serious
Mandrill - Feelin' Good
Caress - Love Spell (edit)
Temper – No Favours
Wuf Ticket - The Key
Le Pamplemousse - Get Your Boom Boom (Around The Room)
Ritchie Family - Quiet Village
Alton McClain & Destiny - My Destiny
Johnnie Taylor - Ooh Wee (She's Killin' Me) (ttfm edit)

Disco Demolitions


Superb compilations...

Part 2 my favourite at the moment - Universal Robot Band and Stephanie Mills being the standouts.

Sure the Disco Spectacular - Aquarius was on RCA. Do you remember the RCA Disco Direction and WEA LV (Long Version) series of 12" singles? If you have them maybe a smoking session or two on those?



Thanks Southcoaster, glad

Thanks Southcoaster, glad you enjoyed
i thought part 3 was the best one :))
yep Aquarius was on RCA
thanks for the suggestions for future smokin seshes... good ideas, all noted mate and added to the list

Disco Demolitions

Enjoying these JJ and looking forward to tracklists,great mixes as per usual Geez.
See you at East Village Sunday mate...

cheers mate cant make it on

cheers mate
cant make it on sunday unfortunately
have a great time and seeya soon

You missed a good 'un John....

.....Jeff Young was the nuts,congrats to all the 6ms DJ's,a good time had by all. xx

top stuff Marco , nice one

top stuff Marco , nice one mate
waiting for report from dave. think he's still in bed :)