Mark Roman's Crackers Story - Part Two



Intruders - I'll Always Love My Mama
Philly Devotions - Just Can't Say Goodbye
Faith, Hope & Charity - To Each His Own
Walter Murphy - A Fifth Of Beethoven
Brick - Dazz
Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park
Kay Gees - Waiting At The Bus Stop
Undisputed Truth - Help Yourself
Hidden Strength - Hustle On Up
Crown Heights Affair - Foxy Lady
Rhythm Makers - Zone
Herbie Mann - Hijack
Dexter Wansell - Life On Mars
Leroy Hutson - Spirit of 76
O'Jays - I Love Music

Crackers story............

Well done guys,well put together, I remember the meal in a basket nights very well, if I remember served through a small hatch :-)part 3 please.......Danny

Cheers Danny, You must

Cheers Danny,

You must remember the sticky carpet too :-(

Part three will be up in a couple of weeks prior to the East Village gig on 23 May - hope you can make it.

DC and all at 6MS