Time Lines - 8

Time Lines 8

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the latest Time Lines mix, another fantastic selection.Have loved these from the 1st one. All of you on this site have such dedication that I frankly fear for your partners....but am so glad they are forgiving. Really pleased to hear about your live event , the Mrs and I'll be there and are spreading the word to our friends about you guys. See you on the 23rd.


Ha ha - nice one Matt. My

Ha ha - nice one Matt. My other half will be there on the 23rd. You can ask her what it's like to be a musical widow.

Look forward to meeting you. Please make sure you come and say hi to us all.


...that's Hedley!

Just wanted to let you know that i'm a regular subscriber to the Smoking Sessions and love it when i get the latest installment automatically downloaded to my iTunes.
I was a bit confused by the latest drop headed Timeline 8 - where's my musical legend(s) lifestory - but what a mix.
This has clearly been a labour of love for someone and i just wanted to applaud the effort. To not automatically pick the usual suspect when defining an era must have been tough but to find something just as/if not more relevant and therefore interesting is genius, really.
I've always thought that aside from the music your greatest strength has been the soundbite ident in between or over the tracks you select. To hear the best lines taken from the movie Blazing Saddles made me beam all the way home.
Thank you for your effort - please keep it coming.
I'm going to now plough my way through those 7 others over there


hello Jengel, thanks for the very nice comments, much appreciated. You're right, the timelines and the smokin sessions are a labour of love, but they're also a lot of fun to do.

Blazing Saddles makes me roar no matter how many times I see it ... you sidewindin' bushwackin', hornswagglin' cracker croaker!! :)

hope you enjoy the other timelines mixes.

Next smokin session is 'Blue Eyed Soul (part 2)'